Sib Raza

Product Manager

About Me

Highly motivated Product Manager with a proven track record in leveraging the needs of the customer into scalable and value driven product initiatives. Aiming to use my skill set in a Product Manager role.

My Recent Projects

Fraud Mitigation and Prevention

Online Site Customer Journey Redesign

My Techincal Projects

The Movie App

This is a full stack MERN app that allows the user to view the latest movies, view movie related information, view the cast for a specific movie, create a user account to comment, like or dislike comments, and create a favorite movie list

The Recipe App

This is a full stack MERN app that requires users to authenticate. Users can create an account to search for their recipes and save recipes that they like. This project uses the Edamam API.

The Exercise App

This is a full-stack app that utilizes the MEARN stack. This app allows the user to create users and record what exercise they performed. This app uses MongoDB. So, CRUD functions are available.

The Budget App

This is a full stack MERN app that allows users to track their expenses. Additionally, users can view their expense transactions in a table and line graph.

The Weather App

This is a simple weather app coded in vanilla javascript. This app uses geolocation to retreive the local weather. Please select allow to get your local weather information.

My Freelance Services

Web Development

Your website completely tailored to your needs. It's very important that your website delivers clear and perfect content. I keep this ideal mindset in mind when creating your website.

Responsive Design

Most of the internet traffic comes from a smaller mobile screen. It is important that your website is reponsive enough to fit these smaller screens. Capture a larger audience by being flexible enough for it to display on all screens.


Learn about where your visitors are coming from and deliver an effective business plan. Learn what search terms they are using to find you.

Domain Hosting

Focus on what matters to you the most: Delivering your product. Let me worry about hosting your website and finding a server that will meet you needs.

Customer Service

Receive unmatched customer service. When you have a question or concern, I am availble around the clock. I only build websites that fit your needs. Be assured that you will be taken care of by a real person.


When I create websites, I keep in mind on using the best SEO practices to allow your website to rank higher. As my network expands, I will continue to create more traffic for your website.